City Governance

The City Council

Our aim is to continuously develop Stockholm, to be there for its citizens and to make Stockholm Northern Europe's most attractive city for people and businesses looking for high quality of life, financial growth and a vibrant, knowledge-based environment.

City Governance


Local Governance

Between national and municipal government there is a regional level of government, composed of 18 counties and two districts. The national administration in each of these counties is represented by a County Governor and a County Administrative Board. 

The City Budget

The City’s budget is approved annually in November by the City Council. Schools, pre-schools, elderly care and roads are some of the operations that require municipal funding. Revenue is raised from taxes, fees, charges and state grants.


Four of five children in Stockholm under the age of six attend pre-school. At the age of six, most children attend a preparatory year before compulsory school starts at the age of seven. All education for children is free of charge, and the City also provides many free adult education programs.