Vision 2030

Vision 2030 was developed by Stockholm's city departments, administrations and companies, along with several external partners. It is a long term, complete vision for the city's development and sustainable growth. The Vision consists of three main goals.

Versatile and full of unique experiences

In 2030, Stockholm will be a versatile city, offering top-class education and business opportunities, alongside unspoiled nature at your doorstep - a unique combination that will continue to attract visitors fromaround the world.

Innovative and growing

In 2030, Stockholm is a cutting edge centre in the expanding Stockholm–Mälar region. The region’s international competitiveness is strong, and it continues to be one of the fastest growing regions in Europe.

The city features a dynamic, innovative business community which successfully competes on the global market and is characterised by knowledge-based activities, innovation and a fruitful cooperation between education and research institutes.

The citizens' Stockholm

In 2030, Stockholm will be an accessible, safe region with no social or physical barriers. The city also features much-appreciated social services supplying Stockholmers with extensive opportunities to choose between various providers of health and care services as well as schools.

Vision and reality

The vision of the future Stockholm is a strategic commitment by the City. All committees, departments and companies should work towards the Vision, and implement it in their activities and operations.

The process

The process of creating the Vision was lead by the City Executive Office, and has been developed through an active dialogue within the City, with representatives from businesses, academia, the educational system and many more.

Vision Järva

Vision Järva is all about the sustainable development of the areas around Järvafältet, a nature reserve located right next to Järva, an area with over 60,000 inhabitants and one of Europe's biggest ICT-clusters encompassing world leading companies and a rapidly growing economy. Because of its proximity to pristine nature and good connections to the rest of the city, a growing amount of people and companies choose to move to Järva.

Multiple parties with connection to the Järva area have commited to intensive dialogue and have together with the City developed the sustainable development plan "Vision Järva 2030".

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Vision Söderort

Vision Söderort is the City's plan to develop the area in southern Stockholm based on two important goals. The first is to improve the transport connection between Söderort and central Stockholm, with the main focus on the light rail line to the area. The second goal is to increase the number of local jobs availiable to the inhabitants of Söderort.