European Green Capital 2010

European Green Capital

Stockholm was the first city to receive the award European Green Capital by the EU Commission in 2010. By presenting good examples and sharing experiences and ideas with other cities, the goal behind the award is to improve the global environment long term.

By giving the European Green Capital award to one chosen city each year, the designated city becomes a role model for environmental standards. By presenting good examples and sharing experiences and ideas with other cities, the goal is to improve the environment long term.

A healthy city environment

“More than half of the world’s population live in cities, and in Europe the figure is no less than 80 per cent. Cities therefore play an important role in improving the living environment for citizens. This award represents an excellent opportunity to inform and inspire others about the good environmental work being undertaken by the City, the residents of Stockholm and companies,” says former Mayor Sten Nordin (Moderate Party).

The cities nominated were evaluated on the basis of several environmental indications: climate change, local transport, public green areas, air quality, noise, waste handling, water consumption, waste water treatment, sustainable utilisation of land, biodiversity and environmental management.

Why Stockholm?

The motivation for presenting the city of Stockholm with the award European Green Capital 2010 included:

  • the City has an integrated administrative system that guarantees that environmental aspects are considered in budgets, operational planning, reporting and monitoring.
  • the City has cut carbon dioxide emissions by 25% per inhabitant since 1990.
  • the City has adopted the objective of beingfossil fuel freeby 2050.

Five year evaluation

The European Green Capital Award emphasised the change of mindset in policy making that has been going on in the city administration for a long time. Environmental policies have become even more prioritized and are now fully integrated in all city development. Read more about our 5-year evaluation in our report.

Stockholm - the first European Green Capital - Report

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