Hagastaden is one of Stockholm’s largest and most important urban development projects. By 2025, the area between the city of Stockholm and Solna, will be built and developed into an entirely new neighborhood with a mixture of apartments, workplaces, cultural attractions, green areas, world-leading research and highly specialized medical care. 

Stockholm needs to grow and Hagastaden is an important aspect of the city’s implementation of Vision 2030, including fundamental ideas for an innovative versatile and growing region. Stockholm will also serve as the hub in an accessible and secure region without social and physical barriers.

The cities of Stockholm and Solna have jointly invested in Hagastaden. The New Karolinska Solna University Hospital, a new university hospital opened in 2016 to meet future demands for medical care and research.

By placing segments of the European highway E4/E20 and the Värtabanan railway in tunnels, the landscape is being  transformed into a vibrant area serving as home and workplace to thousands of people. More than 3,000 apartments are being built on the Stockholm side, and there will be around 14,000 new workplaces as well as a central area with restaurants and cafés.


Short facts:

  • Construction period: 2010–2025.
  • Areal: 96 hectare (approximately three times the size of the old town)
  • No. of apartments: 6,000
  • No. of workspaces: 50,000
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