Slussen has served the Stockholmers for over 70 years and has become one of the most historically important junctures in the City. It now needs reconstruction to become a vibrant meeting place with modern traffic solutions.

Slussen will be rebuilt to become an effective and safe juncture for both pedestrians, cyclists and public transport. The aim is to turn it into one of Stockholm's most attractive meeting spots with cultural events, entertainment venues, parks, restaurants and cafes.

Main points of the reconstruction project

  • A new park: tomorrow’s Slussen will have a new park to the east of Katarinahissen with panoramic views of Saltsjön and Skeppsholmen. The park will have terraces towards Stadsgårdskajen where boats and ferries can moore.
  • The plaza by the lock: this will be Slussen’s focal point by the actual lock. Pedestrian and cycling lanes will surround the two water basis which make up a plaza of water. This will be a place to enjoy the sun, either on one of the terraces or at a café.
  • Södermalmstorg: the new buildings will have facades made of glass in order to facilitate an interaction between the indoors environment and the vibrant square outside.
  • Ryssgården: the square will keep most of its current form but will become a part of passage between Katarinaparken and the water. Important views will be kept.
  • The bus terminal: will be placed inside the Katarina bedrock. A safe and modern hub will be created for commuters from Nacka and Värmdö. The bus terminal will be connected with Saltsjöbanan and the underground, facilitating indoor movement between buses, trains and the underground.
  • New buildings: next to Södermalmstorg two low rising buildings will be built to accommodate restaurants or cultural activities. In front of the Katarina House and the glass houses which currently exist, new office buildings will be built. The design of these buildings has not yet been decided, only the size. The ground floors will facilitate public areas such as cafés and boutiques.
  • More space for: public transport, pedestrians and cyclists as well as boat traffic and personal transportation.