The City of Stockholm's e-services play an important part in the mission to offer fast, easy and top class service to stockholmers, based on individual choice and preference. 

To achieve this objective, the City of Stockholm has prepared an e-strategy describing the road ahead. 

e-strategy for the City of Stockholm

e-Services in Stockholm

Stockholm - an accessible and modern city

Efficient public services are key factors in a thriving city and they should be characterised by a common desire to prioritize citizens’ different needs and desires. The city’s responsibility is to provide support and facilitate in everyday life. To easily apply for permits, find your way around town and being able to run errands around-the-clock should be possible for all of our citizens. As part of this goal, the City of Stockholm is offering e-services that make it more convenient than ever to be a Stockholm resident.

Stockholm's well developed fiber network is one of the pre-conditions to our e-services. The goal of the city's fiber network efforts is to build a competition-neutral infrastructure capable of meeting future communication needs, spur economic activity, diversity and freedom of choice, as well as minimising disruption to the city’s streets. The fiber network in Stockholm is provided and adminstered by Stokab, a company owned by Stockholm City Council. 

Examples of e-services

Below are some of the e-services offered by the City of Stockholm
  • Route planning in your mobile phone: 6,000 visually impaired people will have personal freedom and security with the mobile route-planning tool.
  • Planning your bike trip: About 70,000 people cross the Stockholm city borders by bike every day. This e-service allows you to find the safest and shortest bike route from one location to another, in and outside the city.
  • Applying for elderly care: Approximately 6,000 people apply for elderly care each year. This service makes it convenient to do this online.
  • Applying for elementary school: Next year, about 7,000 children will begin elementary school. The processing time with this online service is expected to be cut by half, from nine months to four.

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