Political Organisation

If the City of Stockholm were a company, we would have made the Financial Times' 500-list over the largest enterprises in the world. The capital's service organisation employes around 40,000 people.

The Mayor of Stockholm - Anna König Jerlmyr

Anna König Jerlmyr (The Moderate Party) is the Mayor of Stockholm since 2018. Mayor König Jerlemyr is also the Chair of the City Executive Board.

Contact the Mayor:
Mayor Anna König Jerlmyr
City of Stockholm
City Hall
SE-105 35 Stockholm; SWEDEN

Email: kommunstyrelsen@stockholm.se

For more information, please contact the International Affairs Unit: euinternational@stockholm.se

Mayors and Vice Mayors

The majority has a Mayor and nine Vice Mayors, and the opposition has five Opposition Vice Mayors.

Each Mayor of the majority is responsible for an Office. The Officies are in charge of one or more areas of operation.

The majority's Mayor and Vice Mayors:

  • Anna König Jerlmyr (M), Mayor of Stockholm
  • Joakim Larsson (M), Vice Mayor for City Planning
  • Dennis Wedin (M), Vice Mayor for Housing and Real Estate
  • Daniel Helldén (MP), Vice Mayor for Transport
  • Katarina Luhr (MP), Vice Mayor for Environment and Climate
  • Karin Ernlund (C), Vice Mayor for Labour Market, Integration and Sports
  • Jonas Naddebo (C), Vice Mayor for Culture and Urban Environment
  • Isabel Smedberg-Palmqvist (L), Vice Mayor for Schools and Education
  • Jan Jönsson (L), Vice Mayor for Social Affairs
  • Erik Slottner (KD), Vice Mayor for Elderly Care and Public Safety

The opposition's Vice Mayors

  • Karin Wanngård (S), Opposition Vice Mayor
  • Olle Burell (S), Opposition Vice Mayor
  • Emilia Bjuggren (S), Opposition Vice Mayor
  • Jan Valeskog (S),Opposition Vice Mayor
  • Clara Lindblom (V), Opposition Vice Mayor

Together the Mayor and the 14 Vice Mayors form the Council of Mayors, and they prepare matters for the City Executive Board.

The Mayor holds a special position chairing both the Council of Mayors and the City Executive Board.

The City Council

President of the City Council - Cecilia Brinck

Cecilia Brinck (The Moderate Party) is the President of the City Council of Stockholm since 2018.

The Presidency of the City Council

President of the City Council - Cecilia Brinck (The Moderate Party), 1st vice President - Rana Carlstedt (The Social Democratic Party) and 2nd vice President - Ann-Katrin Åslund (The Liberal Party).

The Council convenes every third Monday, and their meetings are open to the general public. The Council has its own audit board, which examines the finances and operations of the entire municipality. The 101 councillors are appointed following general elections held at the same time as the parliamentary and county council elections. The City Council establishes goals and guidelines for the overall work of the city. The matters on which the councillors decide have generally already been drafted and discussed by various boards and committees. Once political decisions are referred for practical implementation, the city departments and companies take over.

Members of the City Council (in Swedish)

The City Executive Board

If the Council functions as Stockholm's parliament, the City Executive Board can be thought of as its “government”. The City Executive Board expresses an opinion in all matters decided by the Council and bears the overall responsibility for follow-up, evaluation and execution of its decisions.

The Board is also responsible for the City’s financial administration and long-term development. The City Executive Board consists of 13 members, who represent both the majority and the opposition. Meetings of the Board are not open to the general public.

Members of the Executive Board

Brochure: How Stockholms is governed