Shelves filled with framed awards

Stockholm's efforts to become an even smarter city are recognized, both in Sweden and internationally, through nominations and awards.

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CIO of the Year

In March 2017, the City of Stockholm’s CIO Ann Hellenius was appointed CIO of the Year. She was voted the winner by CIO colleagues at the event 600 Minutes Executive IT at Stockholm Waterfront. “She is a real IT-superstar and a true leader”, the motivation stated.

Finalist for Sveriges Digitaliseringskommun 2017

The City of Stockholm has been named one of eigth finalists for Sveriges Digitaliseringskommun 2017 – Sweden’s Digitalization Municipality 2017. The award was previously known under the name Sveriges IT-kommun – Sweden’s IT Municipality. The eigth finalists were chosen from 30 nominees. The jury will select a winner which will be presented at the inauguration gala of Kvalitetsmässan on November 14.

Project Manager of the Year

In December 2016, Charlotte Dingertz and Claes Johannesson were named "Project Manager of the Year" by Svenska ProjektAkademien for a project intended to raise the competence regarding digital maturity in Stockholm's municipal schools. With a self-assessment tool developed within the project, teachers have been able to manage and improve the opportunities presented by the digitalization of the school.

The project reached more than 180 schools and 12000 teachers, numbers that showcase how Charlotte and Claes have contributed to the vision of Stockholm as the smartest city in the world.

Smart bins nominated for Götapriset 2017

Stockholm has been nominated for GötaPriset in 2017 for its project on smart bins. The first smart bin, Big Belly, was installed in Vasaparken in 2012. Around the city of Stockholm there is currently 153 solar-powered bins. They are larger than standard bins and have built-in technology that also makes sure to pack the garbage.
Smart bins

The project has been selected as a finalist in fierce competition among 468 submitted entries. Winners are appointed at Kvalitetsmässan in November.

CIO of the Year– ICT Spring Europe

In May 2016 Ann Hellenius was appointed "CIO of the Year" at ICT Spring– one of Europe's biggest events related to digitalization.

"Innovative City of the Year"

The City of Stockholm won "Innovative City of the Year" for the work on digitalizing Stockholm at Mobilgalan in 2016.

The prize has been awarded in Sweden since 2001 by Mobilebusiness and Mobile Institute in cooperation with the magazine Mobil. The other nominees were the cities of Gothenburg, Helsingborg and Linköping, also doing an impressive job with its digitalization.

"Influencer of the Year"

Stockholm's CIO Ann Hellenius was in 2016 appointed "Influencer of the Year" by peers attending StrategiTorget Municipalitys’ annual conference to for her digitalization work in the City of Stockholm.

Twitter Municipality of the Year

The City of Stockholm was in April 2016 named this year's Twitter municipality by communications agency Kreafon. Stockholm was chosen among Sweden's 135 municipalities with active city-wide accounts on the grounds:

"With a content that apparently is appreciated and shared, this municipality has really made Twitter its own channel. For by far the highest number of followers, we congratulate the City of Stockholm!"

European Broadband Award 2015

Stockholm's fiber network is future-safe and of the highest quality according to the EU which in November 2015 crowned Stockholm the winner of the contest "European Broadband Award 2015". The jury’s choice was based on Stockholm taking long-term actions, having been pioneers in broadband access and having built a sustainable network.