Open Stockholm Award

Asthma Watch (Peter Rosengren, Peeter Kool, Mathias Axling, Daniel Eriksson) were one of the winners of Open Stockholm Award. Posing together with Ann Hellenius and Ingela Lindh.

To make use of open data, the City of Stockholm invited innovators, startups, entrepreneurs and students to the international competition Open Stockholm Award 2016.

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The City of Stockholm provides a third of all open data from the Swedish public sector from over 100 open data sources. Public information should not just be used by government authorities, but also by businesses and individuals. To promote the development of an information market and encourage the development of smart services, the City of Stockholm has created an action plan to open up the City of Stockholm's data sources – Open Stockholm.

A man holding a ballon with the text "Give away sun"Photo: Elias Ljungberg – Visual Verge

During 2016, The City of Stockholm also invited innovators, startups, entrepreneurs and students to the international competition Open Stockholm Award.

To compete, the participants needed to use the City of Stockholm's open data to create a digital service, such as an app, web service or product while using the City's open data. The main goal of the service should be to make Stockholm a better city for both inhabitants and visitors by addressing one of the four sections of The City's vision, where each section is a description of the qualities that should characterize Stockholm in 2040:

  • A climate-smart Stockholm
  • A financially sustainable Stockholm
  • A cohesive Stockholm
  • A democratically sustainable Stockholm

Stockholm Garden (Emil Pedersen, Misbah Uddin, Nasir Uddin, Marius Amadeus Koppang) were one of the winers of Open Stockholm Award. Here, posing together with Ann Hellenius and Ingela Lindh.Photo: Elias Ljungberg – Visual Verge

The two winners, mobile apps Asthma Watch and Stockholm Garden, were selected in a thrilling finale on February 1 2017 at City Hall.
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Learn more about the winners and the ten other finalists below and more about the competition at:
Open Stockholm Award

The winners

AstmaWatch – a Health App for Smart Cities

Asthma Watch is a health app and a service that is aimed at asthmatics living or staying in cities. It helps the user to avoid places and situations that increase the risk of asthma attacks or other types of problems. The app's mission is to use Stockholm's open environmental data to enhance the quality of life for asthmatics and people with other chronic diseases and make Stockholm a friendlier and healthier city for chronically ill people.

Category: A climate-smart Stockholm
Author(s): Peter Rosengren, Peeter Kool, Mathias Axling, Daniel Eriksson
Country: Sweden
Idea Type: App

Stockholm Garden

Stockholm Garden is a combination of glow-in-the-dark paint, embedded illuminating and a sensor, which measures all kinds of relevant info. Because of the use of RFID technology, the sensors do not need any power and can communicate with passing smart cars like Google-car. So the road does not only get safer because of the better visibility, but connects infra to infra, infra to cars and cars to cars. There is not only benefit for the users, but also for the owner. The owner gets the data, so a dashboard can be built and the road owner can analyze the data to visualize trends and also allows to get earlier information about road repair needs.

Category: A cohesive Stockholm
Author(s): Emil Pedersen, Misbah Uddin, Nasir Uddin, Marius Amadeus Koppang
Country: Sweden
Idea Type: App

The finalists

A climate-smart Stockholm

Smartline: sustainable lines to roads with chip technology

Sun4You with

A financially sustainable Stockholm


Foonergy App

The Pulse of Stockholm

A cohesive Stockholm

Open Air Stockholm

Stockholm City App Store

A democratically sustainable Stockholm

From smart community to smart city

Real-time open data alerts to your pocket

Stockholm’s Public Spaces (STO’PS)