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The smart city is something that we build together. To maintain Stockholm’s strong position in the global competition for investments, business start-ups and labor, it is important to work with innovation at various levels, both in the City’s own operations and in cooperation with regional actors from both industry and academia. Here you will find a few examples of them.

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Digital Demo Stockholm

Digital Demo Stockholm is a unique collaboration between the city, industry and academia to promote innovation and make Stockholm the world's smartest and most connected city. The group includes the City of Stockholm, ABB, Ericsson, Scania, Skanska, Vattenfall and researchers from KTH. The cooperation is based on the City of Stockholm’s Vision 2040 and works with pilot projects to show and demonstrate how different digital solutions can help develop the city and facilitate life for citizens. The identified focus areas are Technology that provides equal opportunities, Security for the elderly, Efficient mobility and Access to clean water.

Stockholm Digital Care

In Stockholm, there are several ongoing digitalization projects with an aim at the future care of the elderly. Stockholm Digital Care is one of them. The project is a collaboration between the City of Stockholm, Huddinge, Nacka and Södertälje. Also Kommunförbundet, Landstinget and the SICS Swedish ICT research institute are involved.

The aim to increase the number of commercial digital products and services that are specifically designed for the elderly living at home. The aim is also to ensure that existing digital products and services become known to more people.

Grow Smarter

Solar panels on a roof in Husby, Stockholm

The City of Stockholm is leading the EU project GrowSmarter. In GrowSmarter eight European cities collaborate with different environmental technology companies to test and develop 12 smart solutions for urban sustainable growth. Stockholm, Barcelona and Cologne are lighthouse cities together with the innovative technology companies in the project.

The goal of the project is to reduce energy consumption and emissions from transport by 60 percent in the selected areas, as well as 1.500 new jobs in close cooperation with environmental technology companies.

Lighthouse city: Stockholm – GrowSmarter

Stockholm IT Region

Stockholm IT Region is a collaborative project run by a number of public and private groups aimed at developing the IT industry in the Stockholm region through technology and innovation.

Together, its members develop and market Stockholm from an IT perspective. Stockholm IT Region operates or supports a number of projects and activities – the project emphasizes the importance of collaboration and to highlight projects that are already underway.

Stockholm IT Region – Invest Stockholm

Urban ICT Arena

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Urban ICT arena is an open testbed and collaboration arena in Kista, where digitization possibilities can be developed, tested and showcased in an urbanenvironment. Within the Urban ICT Arena, academia, industry and the public sector can develop new digital opportunities and solutions for the future of society and business.

Urban ICT Arena