Strategy for a smart and connected city

The City Council has adopted a strategy to further develop the smart city through coordination of the City's work on digitalization. The strategy has been developed together with the Stockholmers.

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In order to reach its vision of becoming a smart city, Stockholm will stimulate, guide and coordinate different digitalization projects. The strategy for Stockholm as a smart and connected city, together with the City's upcoming digitalization program, describes how this should be done. There are already many good local examples from the City of activities and projects that make the city smarter. Implementation of the strategy and the digitalization program will build upon all that is currently done and that has been done in Stockholm. All new investments should be based on the needs of the people who live or work in the city – and also those just visiting.

The way forward to make Stockholm a smart and connected city is innovation, openness and connectivity. And by making the city sustainable in four areas – economic, ecologic, democratic and social sustainability – the target is achieved: A Stockholm for all.


The strategy to become a smart and connected city has been developed together with residents, academia, business and analysis of global developments.

  • The City has invited inhabitants of all ages to a direct dialogue at the Stockholm City Hall.
  • Dialogues have also been held through social media. More than 3350 people provided feedback through digital channels. Here, they expressed their views on the vision to become a smart and connected city, evaluated the city's current digital interfaces as well as made suggestions for solutions that can be part of the smart city.
  • Work meetings have also been held with employees of the City of Stockholm, as well as with representatives from startups, academia and business.
  • The City of Stockholm, in cooperation with the Royal Institute of Technology, Ericsson, Vattenfall, ABB, Skanska and Scania, has established the innovation arena Digital Demo Stockholm. The arena will be run projects to develop sustainable, innovative, digital solutions that contribute to improving quality of life for the people of Stockholm. Another partnership is Urban ICT Arena in Kista Science City, where the City together with the industry and universities tests new technology and new services.
  • An analysis of global developments has been carried out to gain a broader understanding of the experiences of other countries and cities. Selected initiatives in other smart cities have been used as inspiration in working meetings.
  • An active exchange of best practice has taken place with other cities that have made progress in their efforts to become smart cities.

Brochure: Smart & Connected

Summary of the strategy for Stockholm as a smart and connected city