International Strategy

The City Council has adopted an international strategy for the City of Stockholm based on the long-term vision and the objectives in the City budget.

Directions and Principles

The City of Stockholm's international work should support the City administrations and City related companies in reaching their goals, as well as supporting the City as a whole in reaching its vision. Ultimately, the international work should benefit the citizens of Stockholm. The City’s international work has three directions; Positioning, Public Services Development and Monitoring & Lobbying.

There are also a number of fundamental principles that form the basis for how the City’s international work is carried out: The City should involve the business sector, academia and the public sector, and all international efforts should be conducted professionally and efficiently.


All City administrations and companies should contribute to the positioning of Stockholm as Northern Europe's leading sustainable growth region and strengthen the City’s position as The Capital of Scandinavia.

When these guidelines are applied by all actors in the region, the awareness of Stockholm is increased internationally, which in turn attracts more visitors, businesses and investments to the region.

Public Services Development

All City administrations and companies shall obtain knowledge and learn from the best cities and regions within their respective areas of work to develop the services in terms of quality and efficiency.

Monitoring & Lobbying

The City administrations and companies are responsible for monitoring and lobbying of their respective areas of work within and outside the EU.

The City should be active and pursue its interests in the organizations and networks they choose to engage in.

The Stockholm Region is an important arena for the City's European work. The main partners of the Stockholm Region are the City of Stockholm, Stockholm County Council and Stockholm County Association of Local Authorities.