Memberships in International Organisations

The City of Stockholm’s involvement in international organisations and networks gives elected representatives and employees opportunities to meet their counterparts in other cities. 

It also generates project based cooperation and exchange of knowledge, experiences and best practice models. Membership of organisations and networks are valuable platforms for the City’s international commitments.


Each administration and municipal company within the City is responsible for prioritizing their own international memberships. There are also networks and organisations which cover several administrations, where the administrations and companies are only responsible for their area of expertise.

The responsibility of the coordination of the City’s membership of these organisations and networks lies centrally within the City. The prioritized memberships are regularly reviewed to correspond with the City’s overall priorities.


EUROCITIES is an organisation which enables Stockholm to influence EU policy work, participate in EU-projects and to promote the City in Europe. The City of Stockholm is a member since 1995 and the Mayor of Stockholm is a member of the Executive Committee.

UCEU, Union of Capitals of the European Union

Union of Capitals of the European Union, UCEU, works to strengthen and develop the relations between the 25 capitals of the European Union. Stockholm is a member since 1995.

C40 Climate Leadership Group

C40 is a group of large cities committed to tackling climate change. Big cities play a central rolein fighting climate change. By fostering a sense of shared purpose, the C40 network offers cities an effective forum in which to work together, share information and demonstrate leadership. The City of Stockholm is an affiliated member of the network.

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