New ways to discover environmentally smart solutions

The City of Stockholm is launching the second image in the photo animation "A Cross Section of Stockholm". The animation reveals the city’s innovative systems hidden behind facades, underground and in the water. 

A Cross Section of Stockholm consists of two photo animations and a digital city walk. The city walk takes the listener through seven different locations that symbolize important innovations in Stockholm. The photo animations consist of thousands of images, allowing you to zoom deep into the picture and discoversmart sustainable systems.

"The way the city's sustainable systems are connected is complex. ACross Section of Stockholmshows, using digital technology, solutions that are not obvious to the naked eye but that enable us to contribute to a sustainably growing city, sometimes without knowing it. We hope that this will become a popular way to get information, both at home and in the city by taking the digital city walk" says Pia Stenervall, Communications Strategist at the City of Stockholm.

The first photo shows a view of the City Hall, the Waterfront building and the Central Bridge where you will learn, for example, that the city's buses are actually powered by leftover food. You will also learn that the rain water that runs off our roads is purified before it reaches Lake Mälaren. This means that you can swim in the water, and eat the fish that you catch here. The Waterfront building is an example of how new buildings use the nearby surroundings to become as environmentally friendly as possible.

A Cross Section of Stockholm is a new and innovative way to show how different smart systems and solutions are connected in order to create an eco-friendly and energy efficient city.

Short facts: A Cross Section of Stockholm

The photo animationA Cross Section of Stockholm shows the systems and innovations hidden behind facades, underground and in the water. The systems help Stockholmers reduce negative impact on the climate, thus shaping a sustainable urbanenvironment. You can take part of A Cross Section of Stockholm through two photo animations, the Waterfront building and Järva, and through a digital city walk via OnSpotStory.

To view the photo animations, click here.