1 of 3 top European cities

Stockholm remains 1 of 3 European cities, with London and Paris, in the top 10, according to the PWC report Cities of Opportunity, released in May 2014.


In this year's report Stockholm improves its score in sustainability and the natural environment by 5 places this year. The city now ties Sydney for #1. Stockholm is in the top 5 in 4 of 5 variables and #1 in public parks. The city's score in air pollution stands out as it jumps 5 places to #5. The score for recycled waste leaps 14 places to #2.

According to the report Stockholm also maintains its top ranking in health, safety and security, finishing in the top 10 in all 5 variables, including 2nd in hospitals and health employment and 3rd for its health system.

The overall score lists Stockholm as number seven of all cities rated.

Read the full report here.