Meet Stockholm in Barcelona

Stockholm is guest city during the La Mercè festival in Barcelona, September 19-24, celebrating the special link between two of Europe’s creative cities.

Two productions are direct collaborations between artists from the two cities, and will also be staged in Stockholm when Barcelona is presented during the Stockholm Culture Festival in August.
These include Barcekholm - a specially-produced visual story in the form of a 3D projection at Placa Sant Jaume and Circ Combinat - a star-studded circus, both with 24 artists from the respective cities. The La Mercè festival also includes the Stockholm Night at BAM with the top up and coming artists, contemporary dancers and the live version of the Youtube hit The new iPad Act, seen by 3.3 million people among other things.
Over 50 artists from Stockholm will be part of The La Mercè festival. Read more about festival at