50 million SEK to outstanding water projects

Today, the City of Stockholm, handed over a check of 50 million SEK to Stockholm Water Foundation, SWF and the Waterweek.

-This generous donation makes it possible for the Stockholm International Water Institute to expand and streangthen its efforts, both in research within international water issues, as well as spreading important knowledge in this field. It also means that the World Water Week , our annual conference and the world’s number one platform for water issues, has secured its finances long term, says CEO of SIWI, Mr. Torgny Holmgren.

The Stockholm Water Foundation was founded in 1990, with the City of Stockholm as one of the founders. The foundation operates within the Stockholm International Water Institute, SIWI. Their activities are significant to the environmental profile of Stockholm and to promote tourism.

The 24th edition of the World Water Week takes place right now in Stockholm. Read more about World Water Week and Stockholm International Water Institute.