Stockholm Living: Smart. Savvy. Sustainable

The City of Stockholm will host a seminar November 4 in partnership with the Swedish-American Chamber of Commerce in New York. The seminar will showcase Stockholm’s ability to support businesses while increasing energy efficiency.

“Stockholm is on the forefront in terms of sustainable and innovative development,” says Hanna Brogren, the City of Stockholm’s Communications Director, and one of the speakers at the seminar in New York. “The city is characterized by well educated citizens, ground-breaking start-ups, an open mind and imaginativeness. We aim to be better at spreading the word globally on Stockholm’s many advantages. The awards we receive are a token of the city’s attractiveness. The huge interest in this seminar is another sign that Stockholm is increasingly talked about – one hundred participants have already signed up.”

New York is one of Stockholm’s key sources of inspiration and knowledge-sharing as an excellent example of how a metropolis can take shape and develop sustainably. Stockholm was one of the winners of the Bloomberg Philanthropies award 2014 – presenting an effort that helps waste decrease carbon dioxide. The award demonstrates that Stockholm has a lot to offer other cities regarding successful sustainable solutions and environmentally friendly efforts. As described by Vogue magazine, “In this day and age,‘Cool’ and ‘Stockholm’ are essentially synonymous.”

Stockholm is well known for its entrepreneurial climate, which is behind numerous global business successes in the past few years; music platforms, mobile games, payment systems, communication solutions and much more. The EU recently chose Stockholm as one of three particularly interesting cities in terms of smart growth.

“One example of smart growth is the development of technical infrastructure, making the City of Stockholm a forerunner in creating one of the world’s biggest fiber networks,” said Brogren. “Another example is an impressive 10,000 square meters of solar energy panels, found at public housing in Stockholm.”

The luncheon seminar at the Scandinavia House in New York is a result of Stockholm having been chosen the Region in Focus, at the environment meeting Farm to Fork Living, at the New York Green Summit on November 5.