Eurovision Song Contest generated 263 million

The Eurovision Song Contest final in Stockholm drew a large number of international visitors and generated SEK 263 million in revenue, which is equivalent to 175 full-time jobs.

It was a fantastic, city-wide music festival and Stockholmers became even more positive about major events, according to the surveys conducted by Sweco on behalf of the City of Stockholm.

The event was highly rated

One goal for the event was to encourage Stockholmers to feel like participants via events held in Kungsträdgården, on Skeppsbron and in select locations throughout the city in the form of vignettes called “In Your Neighborhood.” The events were highly rated by Stockholmers: 9 out of 10 thought they were good or very good.

“It’s encouraging to see that visitors perceived Stockholm as an open, welcoming and innovative city characterized by diversity and support for equal rights. It convinces me of the importance of this event in relation to the vision of a city for everyone,” says Karin Wanngård (S), Mayor of Stockholm.

Performances in the Globe area attracted 38,000 unique visitors, in addition to the delegations and media, as well as visitors to events in the city. 7 out of 10 ticket-holders were traveling visitors and half of them were international.

“The analysis shows what an enormous spin-off an international event provides the city. Events are much more than ticket revenue and arena costs – they have huge significance for Stockholm’s image and for development and jobs throughout the region,” says Jesper Ackinger, Vice VD of Stockholm Business Region.

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