City of Stockholm’s Olympic investigation presented

Stockholm has good prospects of hosting a modern combined Winter Olympics and Paralympics in Stockholm in 2026, in line with the City’s programme for events and its sustainability ambitions. This is the conclusion of the investigation conducted by the City.

The investigation was presented on Friday by Mayor Karin Wanngård (Social Democrats) and Vice Mayor for Labour Market and Sport Emilia Bjuggren (Social Democrats), together with Jesper Ackinger, the person responsible for the investigation in the City Executive Office.

One of the conclusions of the investigation is that the Olympic movement’s new strategy, Olympic Agenda 2020, is fully in line with Stockholm’s ambitions for social, financial, environmental and democratic sustainability. Olympic Agenda 2020 also includes increased support from the IOC, both in the application process and in implementation.

“The investigation shows that Stockholm, together with the co-hosting municipalities, has a good opportunity to create a forward-looking Winter Olympics with a focus on uniting sporting and public events of the highest quality with a clear sustainability perspective”, said Karin Wanngård (Social Democrats), Mayor of the City of Stockholm.

“We have good capacity when it comes to infrastructure and modern winter sports facilities. The investments required relate to sports where there is demand and a high interest in exercise, such as ice skating halls and cross-country skiing facilities. A Paralympics event would also provide opportunities to enhance accessibility at the City’s sports facilities. This would make the investments a natural element of a long-term sporting and public health strategy,” said Emilia Bjuggren (Social Democrats), Vice Mayor for Labour Market and Sport.

Brief facts about the investigation into Stockholm’s prospects of hosting the Winter Olympics and Paralympics in 2026.

  • Olympic Agenda 2020 includes more focus on social, financial and environmental sustainability as well as increased support for the host city from the IOC.
  • The Winter Olympics take place over 14 days, provisionally in February 2026, and consist of approximately 100 disciplines.
  • The Paralympics take place over ten days, provisionally in March 2026, and consist of 20 disciplines in seven sports.
  • The implementation budget totals around SEK 13.6 billion, of which the International Olympic Committee contributes SEK 6.7 billion.
  • The proposal is based on two thirds of the facilities already being in place and the City of Stockholm investing approximately SEK 2.5 billion in new sports facilities.
  • The new facilities that are built are expected to have a high legacy value for the region’s inhabitants: Hammarbybacken, Flottsbro, Gubbängen and Tullinge.
  • The proposal is based on approximately 80 per cent of the competitions taking place in Stockholm, Botkyrka and Huddinge, all Alpine disciplines with a drop height of 110 metres or more being held in Åre and the competitions in ski-jumping and Nordic combined being held in Falun.
  • Friends Arena is proposed as the venue for the opening and closing ceremonies.
  • Stockholms Stadion for Aerials and Big Air.
  • Stockholm Live (Ericsson Globe, Tele2) for ice hockey, short track, figure skating and sledge hockey (Paralympics).
  • Hammarbybacken is proposed for halfpipe bob, luge, skeleton, parallel slalom and national competitions.
  • Årstafältet is proposed for the Olympic village.
  • Gubbängens IP for speed skating, curling och wheelchair curling (Paralympics).
  • Flottsbro is proposed for mogul skiing.
  • Hamra or Rudan are proposed for cross-country skiing and biathlon for the Paralympics.
  • It is estimated that two billion TV viewers from 160 countries watch the Winter Olympics.