Workshop on integration of newly arrived migrants in cities

On 21-22 November, the City of Stockholm and the OECD arranged an international technical workshop in Stockholm. The theme of the meeting was Working Together for Migrant Integration in Cities: How can cities address the short and long-term challenges and leverage opportunities to integrate migrants.

The City of Stockholm has since 2016 been a member of the OECD Champion Mayors for Inclusive Growth initiative. The initiative consists of a coalition of cities and Mayors from around the world who have made inclusive growth a central policy priority. It aims to provide local leaders with a platform to contribute to national and global agendas, and to share solutions for addressing inequality with peer cities. Mayor Anne Hidalgo of Paris is the inaugural chair of this initiative, which includes nearly 50 Mayors from cities of all sizes.

This year, the initiative launches a new line of work, OECD Champion Mayors Technical Workshop. These technical workshops will be hosted by a Champion Mayor city and/or an institutional partner of the initiative, and organised in cooperation with the OECD Secretariat. These small, solutions-based workshops will invite senior technical staff from Champion Mayor cities, experts from relevant supporting and peer institutions, inter alia, academics with experience in implementation and impact, thought leaders, advocates, community-based NGOs, and experienced foundation staff with a specialisation in advancing equity in cities.

The event on 21-22 November, which was a joint venture between the OECD and the City of Stockholm, consisted of a study visit to different city operations related to migrant reception and integration on 21 November and a workshop in the City Hall on 22 November. The Mayor of Stockholm, Anna König Jerlmyr, was the welcome speaker at the workshop, in which representatives of Berlin, Gothenburg, Hamburg, Helsinki, Malmö, Milan and Turku participated. Representatives from the business sector and of civil society was also present at the meeting.