European Parliament election 26 May

Sunday 26 of May 2019 is EU election day. Togther - all EU member countries will choose a new parliament. The early voting starts 8 May. All eligible to vote will receive a voting card by post, to their registered address, around 2-8 of May.

Early voting

Early voting starts 8 May.

You can vote early at any designated place in the country. You need to bring a valid ID and your voting card. At all early voting polling places in the City of Stockholm – staff can print a dublicate of your voting card.

Voting at polling stations on the election day - 26 May

On 26 of May you can only vote at the particular polling place listed on your voting card. The polling place is open on the election day only, at 08.00 am –9 pm. You must bring a valid ID in order to vote.

EU-citizens living in Sweden

On 26 May, all EU citizens registered in Sweden are eligible to vote in the EU election. You may vote in Sweden or in your country of residency.

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Find more information about the EU election at the Election Authority website.

The Election Authority website