Important steps in climate efforts – Stockholm hosted C40 workshop

Solar cell panels at Stockholm Royal Seaport

At a workshop hosted by the City of Stockholm, European cities gathered to discuss solutions and common challenges – one of them is to increase solar energy storage and usage .

Stockholm has a long history of integrating environmental aspects into urban management. As the climate threat has risen on the political agenda, we have defined ambitious targets.

In 2009, Stockholm City Council decided that Stockholm Royal Seaport would become fossil fuel free, and be a rolemodel for sustainable urban development. Innovatiove solutions for a growing population, is being combined with reducing the use of resources and climate impact.

One important challenge is to improve the ability to store solar energy – to find a system that combines seasonal storage of solar energy with a backup of short term storage for peaking needs. For example, we need to find efficient ways to store solar electricity produced in the summer to cover the need in the winter.

The workshop was arranged by C40, CLEAN and Tillväxtverket, and hosted by the City of Stockholm. It gathered experts from the private sector, academia as well as city representatives from Stockholm, Amsterdam, Berlin, Toronto and Sönderborg.

–We should not just talk about our success stories, but also our challenges. This workshop brings together C40-cities, frontrunner solution providers, and academia to discuss an important Stockholm challenge, said Stockholm Mayor Anna König Jerlmyr.

The workshop resultat in constructive ideas that will be game-changers for future energy systems in city districts, and increase efficient use of resources. Important first steps to establish partnerships for our future joint efforts.