Even higher environment goals

Stockholm is one of Europe’s most environmentally friendly cities, and an international role model of global environmental and climate action. Two new policies will support us in these important efforts going forward: The Environment Programme and The Climate Action Plan. Stockholm will adopt a climate budget, and sets out to be climate positive by 2040.

Stockholm has had ambitious environmental and climate plans for many years. With these new policies, the City of Stockholm will increase its efforts even more.

The Environment Programme covers the period 2020-2023, and sets goals within the most challenging areas.

  • Stockholm is a fossil free and climate positive city by 2040
  • The City of Stockholm is a fossil free organisation by 2030
  • Stockholm is adapted to climate change
  • Stockholm is a resource smart city
  • Biodiversity flourishes in coherent ecosystems
  • Stockholm is a city with clean air and low noise levels
  • Stockholm is free of toxics

Each goal includes a number of sub goals, and explanations how they contribute to the environment goals on a national level, and the UN Agenda 2030 sustainable development goals.

– Our goals are ambitious, but the City of Stockholm should always aim at being in the forefront when it comes to the area of environment and climate. The Environment Program paves the way for Stockholm's climate and environmental efforts. We have taken into account the goals of the UN Agenda 2030, the Paris Agreement, and the framework of the EU, as well as the national environment goals, says Björn Hugosson, Chief Climate Officer at the City Executive Office.

Climate Action Plan: A fossil free and climate positive Stockholm by 2040

The Climate Action plan has been developed alongside the Environment Programme. The action plan explains how the City of Stockholm will reach its ambitious climate goals, as presented in the Environment Programme.

The goals are

  • Stockholm is a fossil free and climate positive city by 2040
  • The City of Stockholm is a fossil free organisation by 2030
  • Reduced greenhouse gas emissions - a maximum of 1.5 tonnes of CO2e per inhabitant by 2023
  • Reduced climate impact from consumption

The Climate Action Plan also includes the City's climate budget, and allowed emissions before 2040. The climate budget sets maximum atmosphere emission of carbon dioxide at 19 million tons during 2020-2040.

– Greenhouse gas emissions don’t decline at the required speed, and climate issues dominate the environmental agenda increasingly. Our environmental program sets new, and even more ambitious climate goals - with stricter requirements of emission reduction and measures to reduce the climate impact of consumption. The Climate Action Plan describes how the City of Stockholm will achieve these goals, says Anna Hadenius, Director of the Environment and Health Department.

With the Climate Action Plan, the City of Stockholm takes important steps towards meeting the goals of the Paris Agreement.

A long tradition of ambitious environment and climate goals

Stockholm has a long history of ambitious environmental and climate plans. The first environment programme was adopted as early as 1976, and a number of policies have followed ever since. With each policy, the ambitions have become increasingly higher and more demanding. Thanks to many years of dedicated and successful environmental efforts, Stockholm was awarded Europe's first European Green Capital in 2010.

Successful goal objectives require collaboration

The goals of the program will not be met by the City of Stockholm alone, but in close international cooperation and with the help of technological innovation. The programme is designed to stimulate and strengthen collaboration, innovation and communication. The role of industry and commerce is clarified, as well as where ways of cooperation should be developed. The active choices of Stockholmers will also determine how quickly and successfully the goals are reached.

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