Stockholm is well known for its stunning waterside walks, outdoor jogging tracks and easy access to beautiful nature. The city has a long and proud tradition of organised sport activities, with many popular competitions and international events taking place each year.

We are building and developing large arenas, swimming pools, ice-rinks, outdoor athletic tracks, football courts, horse riding venues and facilities for the disabled, all based on the latest in technology

Sports facilitiesopen all year round

Stockholm offers the ability to practise sports and to work out all year round, with a focus on accessibility. For example, aside from having modern equipment and a friendly atmosphere, the majority of the City's indoor swimming pools are also equipped with a gym and have rooms for various workout activities.

There are always things to do, no matter what the temperature is

Thanks to Stockholm's unique outdoor environment with untouched nature within easy reach, you will find endless sporting opportunities year-round. The many beautiful running trails host joggers, bicylists and hikers in the summer, and skiers in the winter.

The Sports Administration

The Sports Administration
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