City of Stockholm

Welcome to the Capital of Scandinavia


Welcome to Stockholm

Welcome to Stockholm, one of the world’s most beautiful capitals. Built on 14 islands around one of Europe’s largest and best-preserved mediaeval city centres, the city is stunningly located by the Baltic Sea.

Make the most of your stay

You will find everything you need to know before and during your visit to Stockholm at – The Official Visitors Guide.


Stockholm statistics

  • More than 4 million books are borrowed from the city's libraries each year.
  • There are more than 450 sport facilities in Stockholm.
  • Almost 50 000 Stockholm children attend pre-school.


The goal of Stockholm's event strategy is to become a world class event city by 2030 - one of the three most popular event cities in Europe.


Sharing best practice

Stockholm’s international relations gives elected representatives and employees excellent opportunities to exchange best practice.


The Smart City

Environmental and information technology are both key priorities in developing a sustainable society.


The City Hall

Stockholm City Hall is one of Sweden’s most famous buildings, and one of the capital's most visited tourist attractions.


Sustainable efforts

Stockholm was the first city to receive the award European Green Capital by the EU Commission.


A fast growing city

Stockholm is growing like never before which requires effective and innovative infrustructural development.



There are more than 260 elementary schools and over 80 high schools in Stockholm. All education for children is free of charge.


World leading in ICT

Kista Science City is the home of incredibly creative people, world leading businesses and digital research.